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"Community Activism - Action for change"

Last year's "Progress" issue, commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Association, brought to light some excellent and informative ideas, with a common thread reflecting the power of a proactive and inspired community. This year's topic advances a step beyond to address how similar concepts of improvement are coming to fruition and translating into real-world products of activism, defined simply as "action for change.

 Whether you describe an activity you have witnessed or personally carried out, the theme encompasses collaborative efforts that have both built community and/or used the power of it to further a particular mission. In thought-provoking and tangible accounts, please contribute your story of a catalyst of change, whether the challenges related to economic development, human rights, scientific discovery, cultural understanding, effective education, or any other field driving progress. Capture the essence of Senator Fulbright's vision and share your experience of a modern process of taking bold steps to establish or empower a community of leaders.

 Please consider submitting an article based on your perspective, observations, and especially, your involvements. Welcoming diverse contributions from all backgrounds, the topic may be as international as it may be local. Articles may range in length from 3,000-12,000 characters and must be written in American English in the Associated Press style. The entry deadline is strictly June 1st, and potential authors may download the FRANKly style sheet from the German FAeV website for further specifications. All articles, questions, or matters of discussion may be directed to Julianne McCall via email: Editor.FRANKly[at]fulbright-alumni.de.


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