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Mulert Award

General conditions

Nominations for the Mulert Award on Mutual Understanding will be accepted if

  • submitted online through the nomination form. Everyone inside and outside the Fulbright Alumni community may nominate candidates,  self-nominations are highly welcome.
  • the nominee is a Fulbright alumnus or alumna and resident in Europe by the time of the award ceremony (usually in the month of February).
  • the nominee plays a central role in a current project promoting Senator Fulbright's idea of "waging peace through understanding".
  • the nomination material includes relevant illustrational, image and text material of the nominee and project.
  • The nomination period for the Mulert Award 2019 ends on November 25, 2018. 

* Please note: The term "resident" does not refer to any politico-administrational status (i.e. holding a residency in country x or y). Rather, we intend to make sure the awardee will be geographically "close" for a sufficient period of time, so that he or she will be able to attend the award ceremony and to benefit from the prize package as much as possible. The minimum requirement is thus to stay in Europe at the time of the award ceremony.

Prize Package

The prize package for the Mulert Award winner includes the following:

  • project presentation and short author biography in the FRANKly magazine as well as on the Associations website
  • networking opportunities within the Fulbright Alumni community
  • 500 EUR monetary support for the awarded project
  • full travel support

Selection Criteria

The Mulert Award goes to the nominated Fulbright alumnus or alumna whose project most clearly

Selection criteria include formal and content aspects such as relevance, innovation and vision of the nominated project. Furthermore, the award winner shall have the chance to be integrated into the numerous activities of the Fulbright Alumni community. The award winner will be selected by the Mulert Award Committee consisting of the board members of the German Fulbright Alumni Association.

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