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Effectively Fighting Poverty – “Global Colleagues” Receives Mulert Award on Mutual Understanding

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY, January, 2016 - The German Fulbright Alumni Association is proud to announce that this year’s Jürgen Mulert Award on Mutual Understanding is bestowed to the project “Global Colleagues”. Global Colleagues is a worldwide, one-to-one partnership project between researchers, teachers and advisers who work on poverty designed to enhance policy effectiveness in fighting global poverty.

Robert Lepenies, founder and manager of Global Colleagues, will be presented with the Mulert Award for his confidence that severe poverty is most effectively addressed if policy is informed by research, and if the research dialogue includes diverse skills, experiences and voices. Vanessa Wergin, president of the German Fulbright Alumni Association, affirms that “the project combines intercultural exchange with support for policy makers in their efforts fighting poverty worldwide. Global Colleagues thus fosters mutual understanding in an extremely pressing field.”

Global Colleagues attempts to match multidisciplinary poverty scholars in one-to-one partnerships and encourages participants to collaborate, to share reading recommendations and research insights, information on conferences, workshops as well as to offer introductions to research networks where appropriate. Partnerships are established for the duration of one year, renewable for further one-year periods by mutual consent.

In 2015, Global Colleagues brought together 68 participating scholars from 31 countries, also thanks to the help of many volunteers. In 2016, Mr. Lepenies, a post-doctoral fellow at Free University/WZB Berlin who spent a Fulbright year at Yale University, plans to attract funding as well as gain institutional partners and thereby expand and professionalize the program for its participants. His hope is that through this program, poverty research can become inclusive and global and that in turn, policy designed to eliminate poverty is influenced by a diversity of voices.

The Jürgen Mulert Memorial Award on Mutual Understanding was established in 2010 in memory of Dr. Jürgen Mulert, scholar, poet, inventor and Deputy Executive Director of the German-American Fulbright Program. The Mulert Award is given annually to volunteers, artists, professionals and researchers across disciplines, whose work reflects and advances discourse on peace through mutual understanding. Former Mulert Award recipients include Sherief El-Helaifi and Oksana Buzhdygan. The Award will be presented on January 23, 2016, at the German Fulbright Alumni Association's annual Winter Ball in Berlin, where Mr. Lepenies will be a guest of honor.

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