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Jürgen Mulert Award
on Mutual Understanding





The "Jürgen Mulert Memorial Award on Mutual Understanding" was established in 2010 in memory of Dr. Jürgen Mulert, scholar, poet, inventor and Deputy Executive  Director of the German-American Fulbright Program. The Mulert Award is given yearly to researchers, artists, professionals and volunteers across disciplines, whose work reflects and advances discourse and peace through mutual understanding.

Please use the navigation on the left for past Mulert Awardees as well as for further information on Jürgen Mulert's legacy.

Mulert Award 2018 bestowed to "Mit Mach Musik"

Bridget Kinneary, Fulbright alumni from the United States now based in Berlin and music director of the project receives the Juergen Mulert Memorial Award on Mutual Understanding 2018.

The award ceremony was held in Mainz on February 24, 2018, during the Association's annual Winter Ball. 

Please follow the link for more information. 

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