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What's Next?

In their biannual strategy meeting, the Association’s board and members got together in June to give shape to current and future projects. Here's a taste of what's coming up:

Welcome Meeting!
22 – 24 October in Frankfurt/Main
The Fulbright Alumni Association welcomes returnees! The upcoming event will for the first time be presented by an American Fulbright alumni. Author and journalist David Patrician currently works as traveling reporter for Westdeutscher Rundfunk and is looking forward to sharing his experience with fellow German and American Fulbrighters.

POW WOW! 25 years of Fulbright Alumni in Germany
For the 25th anniversary of its network the Fulbright Alumni Association will organize a special Pow Wow in Berlin in 2011! High profile speakers of various backgrounds will discuss how culture, politics and economics have shaped the German and the American Society respectively in the past 25 years, and how consequently U.S.-German relations have changed – impacting all of us.

The Fulbright Experience on Video
For the Association's 25th anniversary, its video project (coordinated by Jörg Wolf) will be concluded. It features Fulbright alumni of all generations (including VIPs), and their stories. If you would like to participate in the project and share how the Fulbright experience has enriched your life, please contact Claus Rödiger.

Coming soon: Monthly Networking Luncheons
The Associations wants to improve networking opportunities between members by organizing monthly luncheons with speakers on different professional topics. Planning for these events is still in progress. The meetings will take place in your regional chapter.

Coming soon: Fulbright Online Community
The Association will establish a tool for personal and professional networking. It will include a mentoring program for those who are interested.

Free Membership!
New grantees have the opportunity to join the Association even before going abroad. Hence, they can benefit from the experience of an extensive number of returnees and alumni who can answer questions both on the academic system as well as daily life in the U.S. New grantees will receive free membership for three years!

Minutes and follow-up

To see the minutes of the strategy meeting, please log in (members only). After log-in, you can open or download a pdf-file including the detailed results of the different workshops.

NEW: As a follow-up, you can now also see the status of implementation of the different ideas and projects discussed during the meeting.

After twisting their brains: The Strategy Meeting 2010 participants

From left: Stephan Meyer-Brehm (V.P. Communications), Katrin Arnholz (Online Editor), Benjamin Becker (V.P. Members), Ursula Mich (member), Désirée Doyle (Coordinator European Communication), Uwe Koch (Webmaster), Barbara Weiten (President), Benjamin Pfleger (member), Claus Vollrath-Rödiger (V.P. Finances), Timo Klein (V.P. Events)


Author: Katrin Arnholz

Members Section