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Events and activities

Besides our numerous local activities which take place throughout the year in many parts of Germany, a number of national events have come into existence over the course of the years.

To give an overview of the scope of our activites, we briefly present the different event types here. Please check our calender to locate upcoming national or local events. Use the archive to find information and pictures on past events.

Pow Wow

The PowWow, usually the largest event organised by the Fulbright Alumni, aims to draw attention to our main goal: Fostering mutual understanding. Open to Fulbrighters and others, it centers around a topic of transatlantic interest, such as the roles of the U.S. and Europe after September 11, 2001 (cf. PowWow 2002). Taking place semi-annually, it always happens in different places, sometimes on a European scale in conjunction with other Fulbright Alumni Associations. The name "Pow Wow" comes from the American Indian term for an assembly.

Frequency: on average once every two years
Time of year: summer or early fall.

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