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David Patrician:         Living the Fulbright Spirit


In 2006 David participated in the Fulbright young journalist exchange program in Cologne.  Some of his assignments included being embedded with the German Bundeswehr in Afghanistan as well as hosting special reports for WDR TV and Radio Bremen.  Currently he is a moderator for Delta Radio in northern Germany.  In addtion, David is the regional coordinator for the Hamburg Fulbright Alumni Group.

Dr. Hady Farag:         Managing Uncertainty: Pragmatic Approaches


Principal, BCG Office Frankfurt

Dr. Farag holds a PhD in Business Studies from the European Business School. He has been working at The Boston Consulting Group since 2006.


Lucian Morariu:         How to Become a Management Consultant


Lucian Morariu is a Fulbright alum and project coordinator at the BCG office in Munich. He studied Business in Passau und Mannheim and has been working at The Boston Consulting Group since 2007.



Bryan Baker:              How to Survive Germany?


Tips and tricks to help you not only survive your year in Germany, but to make the best of it! The presentation will include an interactive discussion. German participants are, of course, also welcome!


Bryan Baker participated in the Fulbright program from 2005 –  2007, which ended with an internship at the Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt am Main, where he currently lives and works.


Stephan Meyer-Brehm           Transatlantic Relations in the Stone Age 


Today we know that Christopher Columbus was merely one in a row of transatlantic seafarers to reach the shores of North America from Europe. But scientific evidence indicates that people have crossed the Atlantic in both directions, and as early as 40.000 BC. The ABORA project aims to re-create these voyages in our age, exploring issues along the lines of Archaeology, Anthropology, Cartography, Astronomy, Biology – to name only a few. In our workshop, video documentary from the ABORA reed boat voyage will spark discussions among participants about the impact of such research.


Stephan Meyer-Brehm, University of Texas at                       Austin, 1985/86

Freelance Marketing and Communication Consultant, works with ABORA adventurer and scientist Dr. Dominique Görlitz since 2008 to fund and organize a new transatlantic reed boat expedition.




Wolfram Krause:        Energy Transition: Vision, Barriers and Solutions


This interactive workshop will focus on the transition towards a sustainable energy supply system. We will define a vision, identify barriers and work on solutions. A mixed audience from all faculties will guarantee a lively discussion covering the topic from different viewpoints. No previous expert knowledge required.


Dr. Wolfram Krause works as a Senior Consultant at the management consultancy A.T. Kearney in Berlin, Germany. His focus area is the utility industry with projects ranging from strategy, innovation and sales to benchmarking, process optimization and IT. Before joining A.T. Kearney Wolfram worked at the R&D department of the regional utility EWE in north-western Germany. He developed and headed the Smart Grid lighthouse project “eTelligence” which was co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Wolfram studied theoretical physics and performed research in the area of wireless communication networks during his PhD thesis, combining computer science, electrical engineering and statistical physics.



Carsten Fischer:          International Interdependence: Can We All Benefit from Further Globalization?


Despite the fact that an intensifying cooperation between people from different countries is a very old trend, the velocity of globalization has increased significantly over the past 20 years. Further efficiency increases in the transportation and aviation industry, falling political barriers, and further innovation in the information technology will fuel this trend of global interconnections (or interdependencies) even more. Globalization has a major impact on almost all areas of daily life, including the economic environment, politics, culture, education, values and languages. This workshop will provide a platform for all participants to share their global experiences and to discuss the benefits and the drawbacks that a globalized world can offer.


Carsten Fischer: Director Deutsche Bank, PBC

Carsten Kuschnerus:  Union Investment, Account Manager International Business



Joseph A. Kunkel III

Joseph Kunkel is a professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato in the upper Midwest. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and he earned Masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Kunkel has taught political science since 1979. His scholarly interests include political parties, elections and legislatures. He also teaches American and European political philosophy and democratic theory. For ten years he directed a youth citizen education program guiding university students as they taught democratic ideas and skills to young teens. He has organized and led annual student study-tours to Italy and Germany since 2002. He was chairman of the Political Science Department for 12 years.  Around election time he is a frequent and popular speaker for university and community groups, and does many media interviews each year. He was a Fulbright Senior Lecturer at Friedrich-Alexander University in Nürnberg in summer 2011.

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