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Tours and Visits

Tours start following brunch on Sunday, May 8. Meeting point for most tours is at 1:00 pm outside the brunch location, Restaurant Alex at Alexanderplatz.

Today's memorial has been a Soviet special imprisonment camp and detention center, and since 1951 the main detention center of the GDR Ministry for State Security. Thousands of political opponents of the regime have been imprisoned here. The visitor learns about the conditions of imprisonment and the political justice system of the Soviet occupational zone and the GDR. The tour leads through cell, interrogation chambers, the prison hospital and the "Grotewohl Express", a train with which prisoners were transported. On the side there are several moving exhibitions. The larger area around the memorial was home to several other units of the GDR State Security system and as such a restricted area, cut off from the rest of the city. It cannot be found on any contemporary maps of East Berlin.

Website: http://en.stiftung-hsh.de/

Tracing the Allied Powers of the Cold War Era

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