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History of the Fulbright Alumni Association



The German Fulbright Alumni Association was founded on January 24th, 1986 by a group of 14 program alumni upon the initiative of Jürgen Mulert, the German Program Unit Director of the German-American Fulbright Commisison at the time.

The purpose of the association was defined in the founding statutes to be the "advancement of the idea of mutual cultural understanding as pursued by the Fulbright Agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America".  The association has remained true to this purpose since its inception.

The association has come a long way in the last 22 years.  Here are some important dates in our history:

1986     Founding of the association in Frankfurt am Main, January 24th

1987     First "PowWow", held in Frankfurt; first issue of the FRANKly

1988     First focus conference - "The USA and the Federal Republic of Germany
              - a comparison of corporate cultures"

1989     Fall of the Berlin Wall; PowWow in Stuttgart

1991     First sailing trip "Bright people under Ful(l) sail"

1992     "Fulliman" is chosen as the association's logo

1993     European Fulbright Alumni Convention, Brussels

1995     Senator Fulbright passes away at age 89.
              Fulbright Alumni publish their condolences in the Washington Post
              and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

1996     10th anniversary; European Fulbright Alumni Associations meeting
              in Paris

1997     Membership reaches over 1.000 members

1998     European Fulbright Alumni workshop in Strasbourg

1999     PowWow on Genetics, held in Frauenchiemsee

2001     PowWow on Nutrition, held in Calw

2002     PowWow "Quo vadis USA?", held in Berlin

2004     Joint PowWow with 250 American grantees: "EU Enlargement",
              held in Berlin

2005     Centennial Celebration honoring Senator Fulbright, Frankfurt

2006     20th anniversary of the association, celebrations held in Erlangen

2008     Relaunch of the association´s website,
              installation of a content management system (CMS)

If you'd like to find out more about the history of the association from an "inside perspective", please check out the speech given on its 20th anniversary by Joe Kristensen, then the association's president, at the celebration in Erlangen.

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