Winterball 2017

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Friday, March 17th

3:00 - 5:00 pm

ZDF Guided Tour

55127 Mainz

Tram Stop: ZDF
Bus Stop: Medienberg

from 7:00 pm

Get Together
Mailandsgasse 11
55116 Mainz

Bus Stop: Rheingoldhalle/Rathaus

Saturday, March 18th

9:30 am - 4:00 pm

General Assembly
Hotel Novotel

55131 Mainz

Bus/Tram Stop: Hauptbahnhof

from 6:30 pm


55116 Mainz

Bus Stop: Landtag

Sunday, March 19th

10:00 am - 12:45 pm


Baderhasse 18
55116 Mainz

Bus Stop: Altstadt/Holzhof

from 12:45 pm

Guided Tours

Descriptions see below.


Guided Tours:


All locations (except for the guided tour of ZDF) are within the city center of Mainz and within walking distance of each other. Enquiries about local public transport can be made via or and the respective apps.


Hotel rooms in different categories can be found through the various online portals such as,, and Airbnb. Many hotels in the city center of Mainz are close to the event locations.

The youth hostel in Mainz is located next to the Rhine and a park. Buses 62 and 63 will take you there from the main station. Only few beds are available, so you will have to be quick, if you would like to book one. Beds can be booked via telephone (06131/85332) or email. Let them know that you belong to the Fulbright Alumni group. Information about the youth hostel is available here.

A map of public transport in Mainz is available here.

Car Sharing

Car sharing opportunities are generally available. If you are looking for an empty seat in a fellow Fulbrighter's car, please contact the nearest Fulbright Alumni e.V. regional chapter. Further information on the regional chapters can be found on our homepage.

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