The FRANKly is our most important publication and new editions are published once a year. It presents the association, its activities and goals to the general public.

Besides, reports and news from our regional groups, from national events, and general information about the association are included.

It is mainly distributed to our members, returnees of the Fulbright program, related associations, and universities.


FRANKly Focus Topics

In addition to reports about the activities of the association, recent FRANKly issues have also covered a specific topic of interest to our readership, which is chosed by the FRANKly editor in cooperation with the association's board. Below you find the topics explored in recent years:


We are always looking for interesting articles with relevance to the diverse audience of the FRANKly.

If you are interested in writing an article in the next edition of the FRANKly please contact the editor.


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